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Brandon Allen is a management consultant and business coach with the Business Blueprint. Brandon has an uncanny knack for getting leaders to the next step in their leadership journey. I am the author of The Management Playbook (currently available on Amazon) and the host of the popular leadership podcast, New Work Revolution. You can read more about my work at www.newworkrevolution.com or follow on Google +.
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Keeping that New Year feeling

The New Year brings new hopes, dreams and goals. Unfortunately by February that "new" feeling has probably worn off. Brandon Allen tells you how to maintain or recapture all the emotions of the New Year.
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How to ensure your goal setting leads to massive results

What does it take to accomplish your goals? Blogger Brandon Allen shares a strategy that's sure to work.
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Successful businesses have rhythm

Blogger Brandon Allen tells you why rhythm is important your business.
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Is technology helping or hurting your productivity?

Happy #TechMonth! Blogger Brandon Allen tells you how one of the most popular forms of office communication may actually be making your life much more difficult.
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Growth is not convenient, but it’s necessary

Ready to take the next step in your career? Blogger Brandon Allen says before you do consider investing in yourself.
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Why and how to play impossible games

Have a goal that seems too big to accomplish? Blogger Brandon Allen says you're wrong and you can do it!
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4 questions to ask if you want more work-life balance

Blogger Brandon Allen says creating work-life balance isn't impossible. You just have to ask the right questions.
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Six Tips For A Great Online Training

With more and more in-person meetings and training sessions being replaced by webinars, blogger Brandon Allen has six timely tips for great online training.
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Boost your productivity with a little spring cleaning

Clearing out the clutter on your desk or in your office does a lot more than just making things more appealing to the eye. Blogger Brandon Allen explains in this blog post.
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