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Brandon Allen is a management consultant and business coach with the Business Blueprint. Brandon has an uncanny knack for getting leaders to the next step in their leadership journey. I am the author of The Management Playbook (currently available on Amazon) and the host of the popular leadership podcast, New Work Revolution. You can read more about my work at www.newworkrevolution.com or follow on Google +.
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This one key to becoming a better speaker also improved my leadership

In today's blog post Brandon Allen tells you how to leverage your leadership and motivate your team.
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Who should be looking at and tracking your financials?

Should your whole team or just a few individuals be able to look at your company's finances? Blogger Brandon Allen tells you who he would allow to know how your company is performing financially.
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Business financials: Should you shut your team out or let them in?

How much information should you share about your business' fiscal health with employees? Blogger Brandon Allen answers that question in this blog.
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Does social drinking help you succeed?

It's almost time for your business' annual holiday party! Blogger and small business guru Brandon Allen tells you why raising a glass with your coworkers could be the secret to your success.
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It’s vacation time, is your business prepared?

Everyone needs a break and small business owners are no different. Blogger Brandon Allen breaks down what you need to do to make sure your small business doesn't miss a beat while you're out of the office.
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3 reasons you need an administrator in your small business

After flying solo for more than half a decade blogger and small business owner Brandon Allen finally broke down and hired and office administrator. Find out how that one decision bettered his life and business in this blog post.
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4 ways to overcome your procrastination

No matter what you do, at some point in time you'll be bitten by the procrastination bug! Don't worry because there is a way to treat it. Blogger, management consultant and business coach Brandon Allan breaks down the steps you should take to get back on track.
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Why say no when it feels so good to say yes!

Our newest blogger Brandon Allen has some advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out: Why say no when it feels so good to say yes!
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