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Catherine Morgan is a Transition and Entrepreneur Coach, and the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. The company is a virtual provider of coaching services to individuals who are in career transition or are looking to establish and grow their own successful services businesses such as consulting or coaching practices. Follow her on Twitter:@PointA_PointB or G+.
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How to make it to your first birthday

Many experts will tell you the first year of business is the most difficult one for new business owners. Blogger Catherine Morgan offers advice to entrepreneurs just starting out.
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Ooops! How to bounce back after a mistake

Mistakes – we all make them and nobody is perfect. We make mistakes personally and we make mistakes professionally. As much as we try to… more...
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Work-Life Balance is a scam

Work-life Balance does not exist and aiming for it sets you up for feelings of anxiety and failure. There, I said what you have been… more...
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Business presentations: 7 pro tips for success

Before I started my current business, I was a pursuit consultant in the sales, marketing & business development group at Deloitte. I coordinated proposal responses… more...
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Dave Wittwer: You recognize leadership when you see it

Leadership is one of the buzzwords du jour like high-performance teams. But what does a real leader act like? And why is leadership kind of… more...
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Is it easier or harder to be an entrepreneur now?

Thanks to the Internet and cloud computing starting a business is easier than ever. But, there’s good and bad news for entrepreneurs. We will start… more...
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Telecommuting to Celebrate Earth Day

The first Earth Day was in 1970 and I was but a young sprout. Did you know that it started as a day of education… more...
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Coworking – How Work Is Evolving

Coworking spaceIt seems that even when you’re Sir Richard Branson you need to collaborate with others. No man is an island, although he may own… more...
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How to be a global mobile professional

I haven’t been home in months but I am working with clients every day and growing my business. And I don’t miss most of the… more...
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