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Telecom Warehouse is an independent telecommunications consulting firm that focuses on clients' telecommunications needs, goals and objectives. Our firm partners with over 100 of the industry’s top level telecommunications carriers to deliver optimum results to each and every client. With a portfolio of products that includes voice services, data service, MPLS and cloud based services we are able to assist with the design, provision and implementation of every client networking needs. Radio Show and Producer of the Telecom Soup Show heard live every sunday 12-1pm on AM 1280 The Patriot. Find Charles online at his website, via Twitter and Facebook.
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Take a communications tech inventory

Looking for ways to save your business money? Blogger Charles Borrell says you should consider doing a communications review.
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5 telecom contract considerations

Signing a contract is never fun. So many sheets of paper and tiny, tiny print. But signing a telecom contract doesn't have to be stress inducing. Blogger Charles Borrell tells you why a contract may actually be good for your business and what five things you should consider before signing on the dotted line.
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Data driving price

Blogger Charles Borrell takes a trip down memory lane and recalls a simpler time when cell phones weren't as smart and could easily fit inside your front pocket. He also ponders what changes the future will bring to cell phone billing.
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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Technology?

Technology today changes faster than ever and if your business doesn’t adapt to the changing technology world, you can find yourself left way behind. So how does your business know when it is time to upgrade its technology? There are 5 common signs you can look for.
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Insurance folders

Do you have your insurance policy?

You have insurance for your business, but do you have insurance for your business' telephone and Internet connections? Blogger Charles Borrell tells you why you should and how to make sure your business stays connected during a disaster.
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Are you asking questions?

Blogger and sales professional Charles Borrell tells you why it's important to listen twice as much as you talk if you hope to close the sale.
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Why you want clients not customers

When is someone a client and when is someone a customer? Blogger and telecommunications business expert Charles Borrell breaks down the very important difference between the two and tells us why you want clients not customers.
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Top 5 telecom considerations before you move

Moving is never fun. It doesn't matter if your moving to a new home or a new business location. Blogger Charles Borrell has five tips that will hopefully make your businesses next move a little less terrible.
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The lifeblood of your business: The telephone

Telecommunications is one of the top expenses for many small businesses. Blogger Charles Borrell tells how you can upgrade this business critical system with limited upfront capital cost.
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