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Dawn Mentzer is a freelance writer based in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She works with marketing firms and businesses in a variety of industries all over the U.S. to help them accomplish their content marketing goals. Her specialties include blog content, website copy, and social media content. Besides serving her clients, Dawn offers tips, insight, and encouragement to small biz owners through her blog "The Insatiable Solopreneur." Connect with her on Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, and visit her website to learn more about her services.
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Ha, ha! Hints for using humor in your blog posts

Being funny isn't easy and it's definitely not always appropriate. Blogger Dawn Mentzer has some suggestions to help you decide if cracking that joke is worth the risk of potentially alienating some of your readers.
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Tips for avoiding email miscommunication

Communicating by email is supposed to be easy and convenient. But sometimes our well intended messages are misunderstood, leading to friction and in some cases conflict. Blogger Dawn Mentzer tells you how to avoid some of those unpleasant situations by writing more clear and concise messages.
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Why hiring a freelancer will benefit your small business

Does your business need help right now? Blogger Dawn Mentzer explains why you may want to consider hiring a freelancer.
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Is it acceptable to swear at work? Not everyone will pardon your French.

A little colorful language never hurt anybody, right? Wrong! Blogger Dawn Mentzer explains what a few four letter words said aloud could cost you at work.
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A snow plow lays down salt in Madison, Wis. in the hours leading up to winter storm Rex.

5 hot meeting spaces for small businesses in the cold of winter

Winter storm Rex, the 18th named storm of the 2013-14 winter storm season, is bearing down on the Midwest. Blogger Dawn Mentzer offers five hot meeting space ideas for small businesses in the cold of winter.
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Pros and cons of starting a business after retirement

There are positives and negatives to starting a business at any age. Blogger Dawn Mentzer talks with retirees who started their business once they finished their careers to learn about the good and bad.
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