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Delora Newton is the Vice President, Advocacy for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce. She has over 20 years of experience in state and local public policy advocacy and is passionate about building a business climate that supports economic growth and protects community assets. Follow her on Twitter: @Delora4Biz or G+
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Why now is the time to make the global leap

Your business may be small but that shouldn't stop you from thinking big.
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How to survive an online smear campaign

Your company’s reputation is everything. You’ve likely spent significant cash and employee time building your website and social media accounts. If your online presence is… more...
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I’m in love with Twitter and I don’t care who knows!

I confess. I’m a news junkie. That’s why I began to fall in love with Twitter several years ago. Now that I’ve discovered Twitter to… more...
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Making the leap from doer to delegator

Delegation. Does it come easy to you? It took me several months in a new role to fully understand why workplace delegation skills are beneficial… more...
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Position yourself for promotion

Most people aspire to be on a higher rung of the corporate ladder than the one on which they started. That transition doesn’t happen overnight.… more...
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Community service makes business sense

This past weekend as I watched CBS Sunday Morning, I was inspired by a story about former Wall Streeter Kerri Martin and the nonprofit she… more...
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07-17-13 5 good management characteristics

5 Good management characteristics

Hands down the worst manager I ever had distrusted all his employees from the day he hired them. If you weren’t ten minutes early for… more...
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Networking is not a four-letter word

It can be fun. Seriously. Most days, I think I’m a born networker. But admittedly there are times I find it difficult to walk up… more...
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06-20-13 Social media and crisis communication

Social media and crisis communications

Fire. Tornado. Flood. Product recall. Power outage. How will your company effectively communicate with employees and customers if a crisis occurs? Do you have a… more...
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