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Jackie Nagel, Founder of Synnovatia, teams up with small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop strategic solutions to improve performance and accelerate business growth. By customizing business strategies to match the needs, desires, goals, and work style of the business owner, Synnovatia’s clients enjoy improved productivity, increased profitability, and accelerated business growth. In fact, her clients routinely enjoy an accelerated growth rate of 20 - 50%. As a business owner since 1978, Ms. Nagel knows first hand the ins and outs of growing a successful enterprise. She’s experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. And, most importantly, she has a keen sense of what it takes to succeed in the 21st Century. Her style is direct, energetic, innovative, focused, and encouraging…with just the right mix of robust laughter. In addition to being nominated as Valedictorian from the “The School Of Hard Knocks”, Jackie received training at Coach University and Corporate Coach University International, is certified as a Personal Coaching Styles Inventory Trainer and Teleclass Leader, and received the Management Development of Entrepreneur (MDE) Certification from The Anderson School of Business UCLA. Follow on Google +.
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10 Ways to Prevent Office Fever: A Business Coach’s Tutorial

Bone chilling temperatures got you feeling down in the dumps? You're not alone! Jackie Nagel tells you how to break winter's frozen grip on you and your small business.
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5 Types of planning every small business needs to succeed

Blogger Jackie Nagel tells you why creating #goodbizhabits involves planning ahead.
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How to use a year-end assessment to achieve business growth

A little planning can do wonders for your business. Blogger Jackie Nagel tells you why now is the time to look ahead to 2016.
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Low-cost expressions of appreciation can lead to business growth

Blogger Jackie Nagel explains how giving back to your customers can lead to business growth.
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Tools to stay on top of the latest small business tips & trends

Suffering from information overload? Blogger Jackie Nagel shares some tools that will help you cut through the clutter.
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Lifelong learning: An essential ingredient for entrepreneurs eying business growth

September is #ContinuingEducation month on the business blog. Blogger Jackie Nagel tells you why it's important for everyone, even entrepreneurs, to dedicate themselves to lifelong learning.
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A guide to a small business owners guilt-free living

Blogger Jackie Nagel tells you why taking care of yourself is a must and that it doesn't mean you're neglecting your other responsibilities.
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Does your small business suffer from E.O.?

Many small business owners feel overwhelmed. It kind of goes with the territory. But blogger Jackie Nagel says it doesn't have to be that way!
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The more valuable alternative to a failed work-life balance theory

Find out why blogger Jackie Nagel says work-life balance is a sham and what she thinks you should really strive for.
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