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Jackie Nagel, Founder of Synnovatia, teams up with small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop strategic solutions to improve performance and accelerate business growth. By customizing business strategies to match the needs, desires, goals, and work style of the business owner, Synnovatia’s clients enjoy improved productivity, increased profitability, and accelerated business growth. In fact, her clients routinely enjoy an accelerated growth rate of 20 - 50%. As a business owner since 1978, Ms. Nagel knows first hand the ins and outs of growing a successful enterprise. She’s experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. And, most importantly, she has a keen sense of what it takes to succeed in the 21st Century. Her style is direct, energetic, innovative, focused, and encouraging…with just the right mix of robust laughter. In addition to being nominated as Valedictorian from the “The School Of Hard Knocks”, Jackie received training at Coach University and Corporate Coach University International, is certified as a Personal Coaching Styles Inventory Trainer and Teleclass Leader, and received the Management Development of Entrepreneur (MDE) Certification from The Anderson School of Business UCLA. Follow on Google +.
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How finding your market tier sparks business growth

Blogger Jackie Nagel tells you why your business may struggle until you've properly identified your market sweet spot.
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Can telecommuting work for your small business?

Telecommuting makes sense for businesses big and small. But is it right for your business? Blogger Jackie Nagel explains what you need to consider before you trade in your business clothes for pajama pants.
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Want more revenue, profits, and freedom? Start with a year end assessment

Want to set your business up for success in the new year? Blogger Jackie Nagel tells you why next year starts now.
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The 10 most common “growing pains” of small business likely to leave a mark if unattended

Every business, no matter the industry, goes through growing pains. Blogger Jackie Nagel breaks down the 10 most common in this blog.
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Navigating the “new normal” for small business

Growing your small business requires a lot more than a strong sales team. Blogger and small business owner Jackie Nagel breaks down what she calls the "new normal" for small business owners.
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Say my name! What you need to know when naming your business

How important is picking the right name for your business? According to blogger and small business owner Jackie Nagel it's very important. She tells you how to brainstorm the perfect the name for your business in this blog.
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How strategic thinking shapes the future of your business

Eighty-five percent of entrepreneurs spend an an hour or less a month thinking strategically. Blogger and business owner Jackie Nagel explains why entrepreneurs need to spend more time working on their business and less time working in their business.
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Vetting service providers: The small business quest for the right fit

Choosing the wrong service provider can lead to really big headaches. Our newest blogger, Jackie Nagel, offers her advice for picking the right partners and 13 questions you need to ask to help you choose the best fit.
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