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Jason is a career and development coach, residing in south east Wisconsin. He has earned his Business Coaching certificate from UW-Milwaukee and worked with clients in business and career coaching at the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education. Jason says he does everything with empathy, compassion and the client's best interests in mind. He’s found that he can do anything well by being genuine, useful, present and vulnerable. With a degree in religion, years in theater, experience in business, and a dry sense of humor Jason’s unconventional wisdom helps him connect the dots. You can find his website here or connect with him on Twitter and G+.
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Fighting off the winter blues

Trapped inside? Feel like you're starting to lose it? Blogger Jason Mueller is there with you. He tells you how he fights off the winter blues.
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Rechargeable batteries

Time to recharge?

Feeling drained? Blogger Jason Mueller tells you why a break may be what you need to get back on track.
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Unsure about your career path? Try this.

Are the daily frustrations of your job getting to you? Before you deliver that letter of resignation blogger Jason Mueller says you should try this.
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Standing out during the interview process

2016 will be here before you know it! Blogger Jason Mueller tells you what you should do in an interview if you hope to land your dream job in the new year.
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You think you’re ready to start a business?

You're ready to quit your day job and go out on your own? Blogger Jason Mueller says not so fast! He thinks you should consider these three things before you resign from your current position.
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Finding the right pieces

Your education doesn't end once you leave the classroom. Blogger Jason Mueller shares what valuable lesson he learned from a previous employer in this post.
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Navigating the sea of ambiguity

Blogger Jason Mueller tells you why over analysis can be a bad thing.
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The down side of being a workaholic

Burnout, fatigue and exhaustion are just some of symptoms of workaholism. Blogger Jason Mueller shares some others and tells you why you need to take a break.
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Distracted from the mission

Sometimes our own beliefs and perceptions can distract from our main business objective: Serving our customers as best as we can. Blogger Jason Mueller talks about three distractions he's encountered during his professional career that have knocked organizations off track.
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