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Jason is a career and development coach, residing in south east Wisconsin. He has earned his Business Coaching certificate from UW-Milwaukee and worked with clients in business and career coaching at the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education. Jason says he does everything with empathy, compassion and the client's best interests in mind. He’s found that he can do anything well by being genuine, useful, present and vulnerable. With a degree in religion, years in theater, experience in business, and a dry sense of humor Jason’s unconventional wisdom helps him connect the dots. You can find his website here or connect with him on Twitter and G+.
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What business are you in?

Are your sales promotions missing the mark? Blogger Jason Mueller tells you what may be wrong and offers a few tips to get you back on track.
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Duties, opportunities, values and ethics

How do you find the right employee for your business? Blogger Jason Mueller outlines a strategy for identifying what qualities or characteristics your ideal candidate should have.
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Alone in a Crowd

The biggest mistake I’ve EVER made

We asked our bloggers to tell us about the biggest mistake they've made in their professional lives. Our hope, is you'll learn from their mistakes. First up, Jason Mueller.
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Career entrepreneurship

You may not own a franchise or a startup. But you are in charge of small business: Your career!
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Essentials for creative businesses

Starting a creative business take a little something extra. So what is it and do you have what it takes?
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Making your business attractive to potential employees

Talent acquisition can be competitive. Even in the last 5 years where jobs were sometimes challenging to come by, attracting the top talent is always… more...
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Customer Appreciation, keeping gratitude at the heart of the biz

At times I feel like the term “customer appreciation” has come to be synonymous with rewards programs, loyalty incentives, and flashy gimmicks. To me this… more...
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Federal government falls short of small business goal

Federal government falls short of small business goal I read this article based on the above headline and found some interesting statistics: 1.Each year, the… more...
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