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Jeff Sauer is the founder of the popular digital marketing blog Jeffalytics, and resides in San Francisco. Jeff loves SEO, PPC, Google Analytics and WordPress and has developed a popular online marketing and measurement resource called Knowledge Land. In his spare time, Jeff travels the world and shares his experiences at Jeffsetter.com. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Getting caught up with your favorite TV shows while on the road

Business trips used to make it tough to stay up to date with your favorite television shows. That is no longer the case. Blogger Jeff Sauer tells you how he was able to keep tabs on his favorite programs and why more and more people are relying on mobile video for entertainment.
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Picking up Slack to connect the dots

The new app Slack has an ambitious goal: Put all the productivity applications many professionals use on a daily basis in one place. Blogger and marketing specialist Jeff Sauer offers his take Slack in this post.
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