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Kim George is the founder of Small Business Sense a blog sharing tips and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. A small business owner and lover of “tech stuff”, Kim enjoys reading and catching up with the latest trends in small business and technology. You can find out more about her and get tips for your small biz at www.small-bizsense.com.
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6 ways to repurpose your old computer hardware

Do you have an old PC or laptop? Before you throw it away read Kim Geroge's blog. That old hardware may still be useful.
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7 personal finance tracking apps for small business owners

Having a small business doesn't mean you can neglect your personal finances. Blogger Kim George has six apps to help you stay on top of your personal finances and meet your goals.
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Life after Windows XP: 5 tips for surviving the transition to a new Operating System

Is your small business getting by using an outdated computer operating system? Well it might be time for a change. Blogger and small business pro Kim George tells you what you need to do to survive the transition to a new operating system.
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5 things you must do to successfully re-brand your business

So, it's time to re-brand your company. Before you commit to anything read these five things you must do to be successful.
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Top 10 mobile payment processing systems for small business

There are a lot of apps that make it easy for your small business to accept debit and credit card payments. But not all of them are good. Blogger and founder of Small Business Sense, Kim George, offers her top ten list.
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07-30-2014 5 low cost technology upgrades for small businesses

5 low cost technology upgrades for small businesses

Does your business need new technology? Do you have enough money to buy it? If the answer is no then blogger Kim George has a handful tech solutions that will benefit your business without breaking the bank.
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