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La Juana is a small business strategist and accredited consultant who thrives on developing business strategy, startup ideation and counseling small business owners. As a business owner herself, she is the founder of Black Twin Cities (BlackTwinCities.com), a social venture whose mission is to bring visibility to small, minority-owned businesses and events. As a podcast host, she gives answers and advice to small business owners and entrepreneurs at ASKLaJuana.com. La Juana holds a Certified Specialization in Launching Innovative Businesses, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public and Nonprofit Administration. La Juana belongs to many professional organizations including The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC), The Association for Strategic Planning (ASP), and Metro Independent Business Alliance (Metro IBA). She also serves as Business Development Director of Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota. Online at Twitter@LaJuanaWhitmore and LaJuanaWhitmore.com
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How do I find the right business coach?

Looking for a business coach? According to blogger La Juana Whitmore not all business coaches are created equal. She tells you how to pick the right one for your organization in this post.
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3 ways small businesses can use video to become social media ninjas

Social media can help your business attract new customers and alienate them all at the same time. Blogger La Juana Whitmore shares three ways your business can use video to become a social media all-star!
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An introverted entrepreneur’s 3-step guide to social media management & online networking

Can you be an introvert and a social media star? Yes! La Juana Whitmore has three easy social media steps for the introverted entrepreneur.
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Profile of a great infographic: Design matters

What makes an infographic truly great? Our newest blogger, La Juana Whitmore shares the secrets to a great infographic in this post.
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