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Stephanie is a trained journalist and an experienced PR and social media professional, helping to promote businesses across a range of sectors including travel, technology and healthcare. Her work has included liaising closely with trade and consumer journalists - as well as influential bloggers - to gain positive press coverage about clients, organizing press events, managing social media campaigns and sourcing new business. Follow on Twitter and Google +.
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Is your small business making these social media mistakes?

If used properly, social media can engage your target audience and generate sales in a way that traditional marketing methods never could. Is your business doing it right?
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4 Truths about being a freelancer

Is being your own boss as good as it sounds? Blogger Stephanie Reed recently decided to do just that. Now, she's sharing her experience.
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How charities can successfully pitch a story to a journalist

Blogger Stephanie Reed tells you what your charity or non-profit organization can do to attract media coverage.
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4 social media mistakes your small business might be making

Is your social media strategy getting the job done? Blogger Stephanie Reed shares four mistakes you may be making that could cost your business more than just likes and followers.
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What I wish I’d known at the start of my career

What do you know now that you wished you'd known when you started your career? Blogger Stephanie Reed shares her list with you.
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3 tips: The best airports to work from

Got some downtime before a flight? This might be the perfect opportunity to get caught up on some work! Blogger Stephanie Reed tells you which airports are best for taking care of business.
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The importance of creativity at work: 4 tips to be more imaginative

Our day-to-day work activities can suck the creativity out of most of what we do. Blogger Stephanie Reed offers some strategies that are sure to get your creative juices flowing again.
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Can you make business connections when you’re on vacation?

You've heard the statistics about the number of vacation hours Americans leave on the table every single year. Blogger Stephanie Reed tells you why not taking vacation isn't just bad for you, but it could be bad for your business.
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Business etiquette around the globe

Working abroad is mind-opening and a wonderful way to experience different cultures. Blogger Stephanie Reed shares 4 tips for better international business relationships.
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