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3 Steps Toward Brand-Worthy Customer Service

Google “customer service horror story” and you have 24,300,000 results to choose from. On the more positive side of customer service, here’s one easy link… more...
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Leggings are not pants

America is in the middle of a fashion revolution. Casual Friday is giving way to casual every day. Here at TDS, we’ve adopted a casual… more...
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4 Attitude Adjustment Exercises

Maximizing Workplace Satisfaction: 4 Attitude Adjustment Exercises An elderly gentleman was asked by a traveler on the road to describe the nature of the people… more...
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Social Media and Customer Service – How to make it work

It’s hard to remember a day when social media didn’t exist. It’s sort of like trying to remember how I got my work done without… more...
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Tommytrc’s Five Key Ingredients for Social Media Engagement- the final ingredient…

Last but not least, one of the most important ingredients to a social media engagement is family. Like salt in your favorite batch of chocolate… more...
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Telecommuting increases productivity. Is it for you?

Telecommuting is great and I should know. I have a long (50 min. each way) commute to work 4 days a week. That 5th day… more...
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When the Boss is the Problem…

Anyone can manage, but is your manager really emotionally or intellectually equipped to lead? Wish you could turn the tables and evaluate your manager —… more...
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Tommytrc’s Five Key Ingredients for Social Media Engagement – #’s 3 & 4

In our last segment, we learned about the first 2 key ingredients in social media engagement, Interaction and Sharing. For today’s installment, I talk about… more...
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Tommytrc’s Five Key Ingredients for Social Media Engagement

I come from a very strong Italian background. My grandfather on my mother’s side was born in Sicily, so preparing and enjoying food took a… more...
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