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Negotiation it’s a beautiful thing

By Justin Beck Co-Founder and CEO of PerBlue Negotiation is a beautiful thing. You know why? Because it makes everyone involved happier. The best type… more...
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Appointment Windows and Maintenance Windows – What are they?

When my tech staff and I are out in the community working in your homes and businesses we often get asked this question, so here’s… more...
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Showrooming: Opportunity or retailer’s worst nightmare?

Let’s say a builder goes to Sears to see a saw. They note the name brand and price and then they Google it, see where… more...
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How to Maintain Productivity While Working Virtually

Guest post from Catherine Morgan, a Transition and Entrepreneur Coach So your company has seen the light and given you the ability and option to… more...
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“Accidental” salesperson? Here’s how to make more “purposeful” sales!

International sales trainer Chris Lytle, author of “The Accidental Salesperson”, once told me, “Most people ‘wind up’ in sales. It only truly becomes a profession… more...
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Getting involved in your community

Getting involved in your community

Did you know … in addition to delighting you and providing outstanding customer service, TDS is committed to supporting your community—and the communities we live… more...
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Four ways to tip business (or personal) negotiations in your favor

You make concessions and/or prevail in small ways or debates every day and are probably pretty good at communicating your needs or value to colleagues… more...
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Phone fraud rears its ugly head

Voice Over IP PhoneLet’s not mince words: phone fraud is expensive and wastes everyone’s time. But, it can be avoided. Blocking International toll calling is… more...
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Give ‘Em What They Want: The Small Perk with the Big Payoff

Hey HR professionals! Are you trying to figure out an easy way to recruit top talent and keep your employees happy? It’s much easier than… more...
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