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Message Stones

Your bliss list: How to (really) transform dreams into reality

What's the difference between a dream and reality? A plan!
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Creativity: You see a horse. What do I see, and why?

No two creatives are alike. Now, there's science to support that statement.
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Incompetent? Why you wouldn’t know it, if you were!

What makes a good worker good and bad worker bad? Self awareness.
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I.R.S. validates same-sex marriages: What that actually means

Usually accountants make most of their money in the weeks just prior to April 15th, but this fall will prove to be a bonus opportunity… more...
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Hey, Missy, wake up and smell the coffee!

This “wise up” message is sent to a young woman who applied for a job as an office administrator, hoping to work for yours truly… more...
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Wellness programs: How to construct a winner!

Very few workplaces had formalized wellness programs in the early 1990s , when I served as a crisis interventionist with a police department. We considered… more...
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06-18-13 Feedback Pic

Feedback and input: 5 ways to get more!

When polled, American workers will reliably cite “a lack of meaningful, two-way communication” as one of the top three reasons for workplace dissatisfaction. If gathering… more...
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06-11-13 Contracted employees

Government crackdown or witch hunt? Tips to avoid the snare.

I recently asked readers if they had any questions they wanted me to tackle. Here’s the first one. It comes to us from Kurt, a… more...
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Your next key hire: 3 questions to ask, 3 to answer

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” We might add to Red Adair’s… more...
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