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Making Decisions: When and how to move a team toward action

Many managers are far more adept at “making decisions” than they are at implementing change, and in fact, often confuse the two, thinking their managerial responsibility ends with making a statement of intent.
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7 must-reads for best leadership practices

I review about 200 web articles a month in preparation for writing blogs for you, to stay abreast of the best tips, trends, and emerging business practices. Here are links to the seven articles I bookmarked as “best” this past month.
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Diversity and Inclusivity: how to foster both

Too often, most of us are a little confused in our thinking about diversity and inclusivity. The two are not interchangeable terms, and aiming for the first goal at the expense of the second is pointless.
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Benefits of “Shadow Company” thinking

Is it better to work with people you do or don't agree with? According to blogger Jody Glynn Patrick the answer is both.
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A leader’s checklist for 2016

What's the key to your success as a leader in 2016? Blogger Jody Glynn Patrick share's her opinion.
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Finding the right pieces

Your education doesn't end once you leave the classroom. Blogger Jason Mueller shares what valuable lesson he learned from a previous employer in this post.
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Navigating the sea of ambiguity

Blogger Jason Mueller tells you why over analysis can be a bad thing.
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Rise to the challenge: Become the leader your team needs

Leaders aren’t chosen. Leaders rise to the challenge. Blogger Mike MacDonald tells you what great leadership looks like and how to become the leader your team needs.
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If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me

Blogger Mike MacDonald shares ways you can take inspiration from the way successful leaders deal with life's many setbacks and road blocks.
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