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5 ways to email yourself out of a job

Most email mistakes seem like no-brainers after the fact, but these five email blunders are not so obvious:
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Keep office rudeness from spreading like a virus

Psychologists today are likening workplace rudeness to a nasty germ. Here's how you can keep it from spreading:
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Political talk at work: could you be fired?

Statistically speaking, you’re 46 percent guaranteed to be involved in a political discussion at work during this campaign season, regardless of how hard you try to avoid it. If you’re one of the participants in a confrontational exchange, could it get you fired? Yes. Read more:
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Red light, green light: control interruptions

You are an intelligent, capable, social human being. You understand the need for office connectivity and communication. But can that impede your productivity? Find out how out how to create a balance:
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Boring Staff Meetings? Try these approaches!

Staff meetings, like any tool, can be misused or become antiquated, so let’s examine our idea of what meetings could be. Read more:
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How to put a “Devil’s Advocate” mindset to work for your team

There’s usually one self-proclaimed “Devil’s Advocate” in any work team of five or more. You know the one – the person who shoots down nearly every suggestion with the idea-killing bullet “but”. Why, then, would you purposefully incorporate a Devil’s Advocate filter into your product development process? Here's why:
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Work with a scoundrel?

I once had a colleague who was morally bankrupt. This sales VP over-promised results his staff could not deliver or support. When a key sale… more...
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7 team building ideas to bond your employees

If you’re lucky, your business employs a hard-working, dedicated group of people. You’re even luckier if they all get along. Understandably, that can be difficult… more...
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How fish, books, and photographs boost productivity

The main thread is simple: The less stressed you are, the more productive and focused you become. You already know to get a good night’s… more...
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