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Cloud Computing

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a cloud (cloud computing)!

Laura Schmitz breaks down the benefits of cloud computing for your small business.
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Yes, investors, the U.S. financial landscape IS shifting!

Changes to the way entrepreneurs expand and grow their business's are coming.
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How to survive an online smear campaign

Your company’s reputation is everything. You’ve likely spent significant cash and employee time building your website and social media accounts. If your online presence is… more...
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Access or demand? What’s really stopping Main Street from recovering

Last week, Andy Peters of American Banker wrote that Regional Bankers predict weak loan demand for the rest of the year. Although that may be… more...
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Is going global your next market opportunity? Are you ready?

Substantial business opportunities exist for small business in the international marketplace. But it doesn’t come free. A small business must prepare itself before crossing the… more...
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A little struggle goes a long way

I was exploring the Internet and I found this article on Inc.com about how entrepreneurs need to struggle more. I read through it and it… more...
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Small business lending still struggling?

It doesn’t appear that the recession is what caused the small business lending slowdown. It appears the decline in flow of money to Main Street… more...
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Small business owners skipping summer vacations this year

The unofficial end of summer, also known as Labor Day, is one week away and less than 50 percent of small business owners have taken… more...
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Cash Money

Getting a Small Business Loan Could Cost You—Information

Last month the Treasury Department and the Small Business Administration held their Capital Access Summit. The biggest take-away for small business owners looking for a… more...
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