Social Media and Customer Service – How to make it work

It’s hard to remember a day when social media didn’t exist. It’s sort of like trying to remember how I got my work done without a computer (or while sharing one with six others). Just as computers make our job easier (most of the time), social media offers us a new way to connect with customers.

It’s true, social media makes it easy to reach customers with product and service news, promotions, and announcements. It also gives us a new way to deliver customer service. In his recent blog, Scott Levy offers 5 tips for using social media as a customer service tool, including:

1) Creating a secondary Twitter account for customer service issues
2) Importance of replying quickly
3) Letting the customer know who they are engaging with at your business
4) Reasons to reply in a friendly, helpful manner
5) Creating a system of checks and balances

Are you leveraging social media to help enhance your customer service? If not, it’s time. Before you jump in, make sure you have a plan. Who will watch your social media feeds? Will you monitor them 24X7 or just 8-5? What about on weekends, holidays and when you’re sick?

Remember, in order to take advantage of using social media to deliver outstanding customer service, having a plan is critical to your success. Create a plan for who, when, where and how you’ll monitor and then build your own monitoring dashboard.

About Cindy Tomlinson

Cindy Tomlinson is the Associate Manager of Public Relations for TDS Telecommunications Corp. For the five years Cindy has been at TDS, she’s been generating positive awareness of the company’s many products, services, employees, and community engagement. She has earned TDS coverage in hundreds of local, state, national, and trend publications. She has a solid foundation in corporate public relations, social media, and reputation management. In order to generate news, Cindy has immersed herself in the technology that makes customers happy. She has gained a keen understanding of VoIP, technology, communications, broadband, and telephony. Cindy also talks regularly with customers to gain an understanding of how TDS is (or could be better at) meeting their needs. With 20 years of Public Relations experience in a variety of settings (non-profit, agency and corporate) Cindy is quick to take on projects, learn about new topics, and seek opportunities that keep the company in the spotlight. She is a graduate of UW-Stevens Point.

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