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Jody is President of Glynn Patrick & Associates, which provides management consulting, executive coaching and strategic planning services. She is Publisher Emeritus of In Business magazine, which she published for 17 years. Selected as the “U.S. Business Journalist of the Year” in 2007 in Washington, DC, by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Jody has been a business reporter, editor, radio talk show host , and has won other state and national journalism awards. At the same time, she has helped corporate clients grow their businesses -- the basis for her practical coaching advice here. She also was the 2005 Athena Award recipient for her leadership role in mentoring other professional women. Jody will be talking with you weekly on TDS’ blog to share her insights and tips from the C-Suite perspective. Follow on G+.
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Creativity: You see a horse. What do I see, and why?

No two creatives are alike. Now, there's science to support that statement.
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How to relate to “whatever” passivity

Sometimes it's easier to agree to disagree. Blogger and award winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick tells us why working with someone who always agrees with our ideas can actually be more frustrating than someone who never agrees with our ideas.
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Valuable content or headline hype? 8 Tips for Better Blog Performance

Whether you write a personal wine blog, or hire a bevy of writers to create content for your Fortune 500 B2B business site or mobile… more...
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The best answer to your challenge is “Yet”

It's only a three letter word but it can be the difference between success and failure. Blogger and award winning journalist Jody Glynn Patrick talks about the importance of "yet."
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Five [Easy] Ways to Improve Job Performance Reviews

Time for the annual performance review? Quite possibly, this is the most hated interaction between manager and employee to be scheduled all year. Too often… more...
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Incompetent? Why you wouldn’t know it, if you were!

What makes a good worker good and bad worker bad? Self awareness.
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Overcoming a naked fear of public speaking

How do ordinary people catapult themselves to “expert” or “guru” status just by opening their mouths? Having been a keynote speaker for more than 50 events, I’ll offer some clues to help you cloak your presentation anxieties.
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7 must-reads for best leadership practices

I review about 200 web articles a month in preparation for writing blogs for you, to stay abreast of the best tips, trends, and emerging business practices. Here are links to the seven articles I bookmarked as “best” this past month.
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When time matters: How to bend the clock

Successful people have learned, or have an innate ability, to get every productive minute out of the day, and/or to wrangle every problem-solving solution out… more...
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