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Kris works on the Commercial Marketing team at TDS Telecom and helps TDS achieve their online objectives through digital marketing and website optimization. She has worked in the digital marketing space for over 15 years, in product categories as diverse as shoes, banking, beds and pig farming supplies (really!). Kris has both undergraduate degrees and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and therefore bleeds Badger red. She’s a veteran blogger on topics ranging from digital marketing to Wisconsin fish frys to the sweet necessity of ugly office sweaters. Nowadays, you’re more likely to find her on Twitter or Google+ trying to decipher the mysteries of A Song of Ice and Fire. In her spare time, you can find Kris kayaking, hanging out at the dog park, or thinking about lawn care.
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Office Madness - Teammates

Office Madness – Teammates Division

In our final division of Office Madness, we’re going to get a little personal. We spend so much time with our coworkers that they’re bound… more...
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Office Madness - Meetings

Office Madness – Meetings Division

Today’s bracket of Office Madness focuses on another rarely appreciated aspect of working life: meetings. We’ve given you 10 tips for better meetings, but sadly,… more...
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Office Madness - Cubicles

Office Madness – Cubicles Division

In these trying times, one thing continues to unite American workers. Everyone hates cubicles. But what, specifically, about working in a box drives you most… more...
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Office Madness - Kitchens

Office Madness 2016 – Kitchens Division

Brackets aren’t just for basketball anymore. There’s Mammal Madness, Tech Madness, even Comic Book Madness. Here at TDS, our own top-notch team of cubicle correspondents… more...
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Beyond “The Buck Stops Here” – 10 Presidential Quotes to Launch you into the New Year

Get some inspiration straight from the Presidents' mouth. Blogger Kris Prusynski gives you 10 essential Presidential quotes for 2016.
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8 ways to be an office superhero

You don't need a superpower to be a superhero. Blogger Kris Prusynski gives you 8 easy ways to spread truth, justice and the American Way throughout your workplace.
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Going back to the future with podcasting

According to blogger Kris Prusynski, podcasts are back in a big way. Here's why you should care.
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I’m so hangry, I can’t even (handle my feels)

Blogger Kris Prusynski highlights some of the newest words (or soon-to-be words) in the dictionary. You literally can't even.
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Top 10 work from anywhere destinations

Blogger Kris Prusynski gets out of the office and gives us her top 10 work-from-anywhere destinations.
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