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Krista Ledbetter comes from a newspaper reporting background. Several years, tweets, and a career shift later, she keeps busy as a brand journalist for TDS Telecom. You're most likely to find her running or on the couch--hers or otherwise. She enjoys both in equal measure.
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Work remotely and make it work

The ability to work remotely is the job perk that’s more and more becoming an option candidates seek in an employer. And more and more… more...
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Madison named Best City for New College Grads in recent study

Madison, Wisconsin, is a pretty great town. Though, at TDS Telecom headquarters we may be biased. However, a recent study by Zumper confirms what we… more...
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Cell phone etiquette: are you courteous?

Americans spend about 90 minutes per day on their phone. Eh, an hour and a half? Not too bad, right? But that adds up to… more...
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Are your online passwords secure?

You’re familiar with the scenario. You begin logging into your computer as the workday begins, and it happens: Didn’t you just change your password? You… more...
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Employee mobility is on the rise — is your business keeping up?

How often do you work from home? From the coffee shop? While waiting for your flight at the airport? According to statistics, you’re probably doing… more...
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Go green for a more profitable business

Earth Day isn’t nearly as widely celebrated as holidays like Christmas or Fourth of July, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be given its due… more...
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