Phone fraud rears its ugly head

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Let’s not mince words: phone fraud is expensive and wastes everyone’s time. But, it can be avoided. Blocking International toll calling is a great place to start. Having (and implementing) a good password management policy is critical, too.

And, pay attention. If you notice lights on a phone that no one at your office is using, you could have a hacker on your hands. And it only takes a few fraudulent calls to add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in just a few short hours – these charges become your expense and responsibilty. No one wants that, especially you at a time when budgets are tight.

In addition to blocking International calls, there are many quick and easy ways to secure your phone system, prevent unauthorized access, and take steps to protect your phone system today. For additional tips and resources, read our white paper on business phone system fraud in the Business Resource Center on tdsbusiness.com.

Don’t let phone fraud rear its ugly head at your business, take action today!

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