Fix your business (or home) Wi-Fi with these 5 tips

In 2022, a reliable internet connection is as crucial as ever to maintain productivity. When you consider the increasingly common hybrid work environment, the importance… more...
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10 Tips to Avoid Burnout While Working Remote

Written by Celia Reid In many respects, we have managed to come out on the other side of mask mandates, restaurant closings, and even toilet… more...
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Maximize your business services by bundling with TDS!

Does your business currently rely on different vendors for your internet, business phone, and TV/video needs? There’s a reason 84% of TDS’ high-speed internet customers… more...
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Elevate your customer experience with TDS Wi-Fi+ for Business!

Does your business’ wireless network struggle with dead spots, inconsistent performance, or too much traffic? Regardless of whether you run a restaurant, coffee shop, salon,… more...
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Earth Day 2022: How fiber is the sustainable option of the future

Every year on April 22, the world comes together to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Recycling, conserving scarce resources, buying sustainable products, and volunteering for… more...
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Earn $500 with TDS’ Business Referral Program

Pens, water bottles, coffee cups, and clothing items are some of the most popular corporate gifts, but wouldn’t it be nice to earn up to… more...
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Invest in your business’ future with Dedicated Fiber Access from TDS

Officially two years after coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, companies across the nation are welcoming their workers back to the… more...
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Sun Outages

Spring Sun Outages

Solar Interference Each spring and fall TV service for BendBroadband, Crestview, Merrimac, TDS Cable, and Telecom (TDSTV) experience a technical phenomenon called “sun outages.” During… more...
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NFTs for Beginners

NFTs are increasing in popularity, and articles about investors becoming rich from NFTs are becoming more frequent. But what is an NFT? Put simply, NFT… more...
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