Four common (and sometimes fatal) mistakes CEOs make

The business consulting industry banks on CEOs worried about tripping up, and with so much that could go wrong at any moment in any company… more...
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Getting to a “Win/Win” Position in a “Lose/Lose” Confrontation

In our family, we purposefully mentor our wee children in the art becoming a “boss of oneself.” The first lesson is the hard one of… more...
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Ty Kiisel

4 Secrets to Create “Regulars” Out of Regular Customers

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of small business. I don’t think it matters if you own a local restaurant or a hardware store – small… more...
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Five [Easy] Ways to Improve Job Performance Reviews

Time for the annual performance review? Quite possibly, this is the most hated interaction between manager and employee to be scheduled all year. Too often… more...
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People's mandala - 12 hands

How to manage effective virtual teams

Whatever size company you own or work for, chances are at some point you will be in the position where you need to manage virtual… more...
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The 80/20 Rule: Why it Matters to Your Company

Yes, it is more than chance that 20% of your company’s workforce pulls 80% of the load, or that 20% of your customers comprise 80%… more...
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3 Steps Toward Brand-Worthy Customer Service

Google “customer service horror story” and you have 24,300,000 results to choose from. On the more positive side of customer service, here’s one easy link… more...
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St Stephens_Food Pantry5

Doing good is good for business

There are so many charity organizations asking for help (needing help) this time of year. How does your business select what organization, event or activity… more...
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Phones for a penny. Yes, a penny!

It’s almost the end of the year. Is your budget depleted? If so, now is the perfect time to switch to TDS managedIP Hosted. Why?… more...
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