An office prank could win you $100


April 1st is upon us again. Many of us adopt a professional approach to our working lives on an everyday basis – and rightly so! – but April Fool’s Day is an annual reminder of the importance of injecting some fun into the workplace and life in general, too.

There are occasions when a good laugh with coworkers is the only thing that helps (in addition to chocolate) if I’m having one of ‘those days’ at work – whether it’s a client being especially demanding or I’ve accidentally deleted a presentation I’ve been working on for hours.

Therefore, I encourage everyone to embrace April Fool’s Day this year and start thinking about what hilarious, but harmless, pranks you can play on your coworkers come the day of silliness. Need some inspiration? Bustle lists ten ideas that probably won’t get you fired – the caramel onions would upset me.

And don’t forget to take a photograph of your office prank and enter it here for the chance to win a $100 gift card, courtesy of TDS Telecoms! The entry with the most votes will win so make sure you share your entry on social media and ask your friends to vote.

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