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Boost your business with a TDS phone system

While new technology has made communication across multiple channels possible, phone calls remain the preferred communication method between co-workers and with customers.

Business phone systems are an essential tool for businesses of all sizes looking to project an air of professionalism, boost productivity, and improve their customer service.

TDS offers five phone solutions, starting with our analog Star Business Line solution that is designed to save your company time, money, and help keep you connected. Four additional, more robust voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions are also available. These managedIP and Total Talk VoIP products allow you to take advantage of many broadband-enabled features.

Here’s how your business will benefit from switching to a business phone system with TDS! (While you read on, reference our comparison chart to see which features are available for each product. Or reference our recent white papers to learn more about VoIP).

  1. They improve privacy and security

If your employees are using personal phones for business, your company’s privacy and data are at risk.

When this happens, customer contact data and call logs are stored on their personal devices. This is risky for a couple different reasons. First, your business’ proprietary data is exposed if the device is lost or stolen. Second, if an employee leaves your company, they take this data with them—including secure company documents and potential sales leads.

A VoIP phone system keeps your proprietary information accessible to employees, while at the same time keeping it safe from being lost or “borrowed” at a later date.

  1. They deliver superior customer service

One primary reason businesses of all sizes prioritize a business phone system is because they drastically improve customer service.

TDS’ managedIP Hosted solution comes with over 45 advanced calling features and applications to boost your business’ customer service. One feature is Call Forwarding, available on all five solutions, which allows you to integrate your business phone system with your cell phone—ensuring important calls are never missed.

Total Talk and managedIP Hosted (*also available for Trunking services) are equipped with Simultaneous Ring, a feature that improves customer wait time by directing calls to multiple lines at the same time. Whichever device answers the call first will take it seamlessly, and this can be programmed to include a cell phone.

Find out which VoIP or analog system fits your business needs by comparing and contrasting available features on our comparison chart!

  1. They grow with your business

TDS’ business phone systems improve mobility, and if you have multiple offices or remote workers, your VoIP system can easily accommodate them. VoIP enables your employees to transform their phone or tablet into a desk phone with high-definition capabilities and video calling, along with instant messaging and desktop sharing.

As your business grows and scales, VoIP makes it easier for you to add more users as needed without having to update or replace hardware.

  1. They improve your business’ workflow

TDS’ business phone systems decrease the pressure on your employees in a number of crucial ways—by adding mobility, handling call routing, streamlining workflows, and through the included support from our talented IT professionals.

  1. They reduce costs

The average cost to employ a single, full-time IT professional to run a premise-based system ranges from $50,00 to over $80,000 per year. Because our Hosted solutions—Total Talk and managedIP Hosted—are operated and maintained by TDS, you avoid these heavy IT-related costs as a subscriber.

VoIP also lowers the cost of communication through internet integration and off-site systems. This is because VoIP subscribers avoid the unpredictable per-minute charges traditional phone subscribers pay for with every call.

With bundled pricing on phone and internet, you know what you’re paying on a monthly basis. Our simple, all-inclusive monthly pricing includes the internet connection, data network, phone and other upgrade charges, installation and training, maintenance, and phone equipment if necessary.

As you can see, TDS’ business phone systems offer a distinct advantage over consumer lines and are well worth the business investment. Get the phone system that’s right for your business and visit!

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