Doing good is good for business

There are so many charity organizations asking for help (needing help) this time of year. How does your business select what organization, event or activity to support?

Let’s face it, we would like to say “yes” to every request, but it’s simply not possible. To help, you might consider drafting guidelines. Then, when it comes to saying “yes” or “no” you’ll have something (other than your heart) to reference. For instance, at TDS, we prioritize requests based on whether they are in our service area. Then, we prioritize those projects or programs that support youth, education/technology, economic development, or lead to community enhancement. And, we put the guidelines on our web site.

During the holidays, we help support many organizations in many ways. We have employees volunteering as Guardian Angels, making and serving meals to residents at Ronald McDonald Houses, sending care packages to soldiers serving abroad, supporting Toys for Tots, donating food and money to local food banks, and supporting countless holiday parades, events and festivals. Why? Because TDS believes in giving back, supporting the communities that support us.

How are you giving back this holiday season? Let us know. Post your comment to our Facebook page.

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