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What are your feelings about your smartphone? My smartphone does a lot and in return it asks very little. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that same relationship with your work phone? Polycom VVX500 phoneIf you’re anything like me the majority of your work day is spent at your desk. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a work phone that worked as hard as you do and was just as versatile?

In the past I’ve had desk phones that were not much more than glorified paper weights. Now, TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®) is offering you the chance to upgrade your phone and dump the paper weight.

During the month of May you can get the VVX 500 business media phone for only a penny when you sign up for a TDS managedIP Hosted Premium or Office package. To top it off Polycom, the makers of the VVX 500, is also offering a $50 rebate when you buy the phone.

Of course the phone is great, with its 3.5 inch LCD display and HD Voice quality. But behind every great phone is great service. With your new VVX 500, you also get managedIP Hosted communications solution. The phone alone provides you with tons of options. With managedIP Hosted, you’ll have even more features like click to answer. Let’s say your phone rings but you’re swamped and can’t spare a second. From your computer you can send the call straight to voicemail. You’ll also be able to send calls to your cell phone if you need to step away from your desk.

I know nothing will ever come between you and your smartphone. After all you’ve been with each other for a while. But, why not give your smartphone a break? Upgrade that desk phone for only a penny during the month of May and start taking advantage of a new VoIP communications solution.

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