Is It Time to Upgrade Your Technology?

We have all heard the saying “Keeping up with the Joneses,” right? When it comes to your business technology this is even more important. Technology today changes faster than ever and if your business doesn’t adapt to the changing technology world, you can find yourself left way behind. So how does your business know when it is time to upgrade its technology?

Here are 5 common signs that it might be time to upgrade your business technology:

1. Lifecycles: Many businesses spend good money on old equipment Band-Aids. Look at all your hardware. Is all your hardware aged? Are their different hardware brands, software versions, and operating systems that are all cobbled together? While this might last for the time being, this is certainly not a long-term strategy.

2. Expansion/Contraction: Merging or acquiring? Is your business adding or subtracting employees? If so, things like adding internet connectivity, phone equipment, and increased network security become increasingly important.

3. Consistent Problems: If outages and system crashes are happening, that’s a good indication it’s time to upgrade. Lack of employee productivity and efficiency equals loss of revenue. Time to upgrade!

4. Software Updates: Having the latest and greatest software updates creates the highest level of operational effectiveness and security. Remember that time is money so if your employees devices are not working properly then it takes away their ability to do their job effectively.

5. Strategic Vision and Direction: Connectivity and mobility are becoming more and more important in today’s work environment. Can the upgraded technology give you a competitive advantage over your competitors? Can the upgraded technology help you become more efficient with your clients being able to reach you and you being able to reach your customers?

So rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses, BE THE JONESES!!!

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