Outdated phone equipment putting your business at risk?

Polycom VVX500 phoneTechnology makes the world go round. My computer. My smartphone, iPad, and iPod. Even my desk phone. I switch from one to another quickly and easily. Each has a specific function (or purpose) in my day-to-day activities. Each helps me be an effective employee and business person.

I can’t imagine going back to the way I used to work. Back to the days when I used a typewriter, a computer (that I shared with five others), and a phone (where I had to remember phone numbers or look them up in my Rolodex)—I couldn’t work that way. I wouldn’t want to still be working that way.

The sad thing is many businesses are still getting by on outdated phone systems. But there are so many benefits to enjoy by upgrading phone systems.

Since our company switched to TDS managedIP Hosted phone some of my favorites are the favorites that save me time. For example, there’s click to answer. When I’m on deadline, trying to get my work finished and the phone rings I have two choices:

1. I can stop what I’m doing and reach over to answer it the old-fashioned way — pick up the handset.


2. I can glance to the corner of my computer screen and in the little pop-up window I can quickly see who is calling. I can click to answer or send the call to voicemail — without taking my eyes off the monitor. Wow, efficient and I’m able to finish up my work.

I also like being able to leverage VoIP technology to decide who, when, where, and how callers reach me. Thanks to the simultaneous ring feature, I can set my desk phone to ring my cell phone and never miss any of my daughter’s basketball games. Plus, if my cell phone rings during her game, I can decide if I’m going to answer it or not. When it’s the media calling, I answer. Talk about worker mobility in action!

If you want to be successful in business (who doesn’t?) then don’t let outdated phone equipment hold you back. It could cost you customers, prospects, time and money.

Maybe you keep your outdated system because you like sitting at your desk waiting for important phone calls? Okay, no one has time for that, see how one customer changed that habit). Maybe you keep your outdated system because you’re afraid of how much hassle it will be to switch? Hear how easy it is.

Are you ready now? Has the time come to leverage technology and regain control of the way you do business? Start today and you could save up to $10,000. Plus, you could get new VVX500 business media phones for free.*

*Terms and conditions apply. See www.tdsvoip.com/voip-specials for details.

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