TDS managedIP webinar: October 19

Would you like to make that red flashing light telling you that you’ve got a voicemail go away? Then don’t miss the opportunity to register for a free managedIP educational webinar. The webinar starts at 3 p.m. CST and runs for 15 minutes.

To sign up, just click here.

We want to show you how to take full advantage of the tech at your disposal. As for this month’s topic? Voicemail.

In this quick and fun webinar, we’ll define voicemail, show you how to manage your voicemail service without ever even picking up your phone and of course how to check your voicemail.

Oh, if you attend and fill out our brief survey about the webinar, you’ll get a $5 Amazon gift code at the end of the webinar!

On the third Thursday of every month TDS hosts a managedIP educational webinar. The webinar is always 15 minutes long and covers a different topic every month.

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