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future and past

Change is good?

Ever heard the expression the only constant is change? Or some variation of that line? I would have to say I agree. I would also… more...
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Breaking Bad from a business standpoint and the rest of what’s trending

Happy Monday all! Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows. Glad to see it did so well at the Emmys last night. I found… more...
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Alisa College Picture 3

Timing is everything

My girlfriend and I frequently joke that if we’d met in high school or even college the likelihood of us getting together would’ve been relatively… more...
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There’s no second chance at a first impression

It was the night before a good friend’s wedding several years ago. Two of our mutual friends and I took the groom out to a… more...
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Pay off those credit cards first

Upgrading to TDS’ VoIP business solution, managedIP Hosted, is affordable according to the McClone Insurance Group. Now, you can save up to $5,000 with our… more...
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A day in the life of an Appleton, Wis. field service technician

Field Service Technicians (FSTs) handle installs, troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance of telecommunications equipment that TDS sells and leases. Some work in rural locations and others,… more...
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Last minute Father’s Day gift guide

We are less than two days away from father’s day! Have you gotten your dear old dad a gift yet? If you haven’t don’t fret… more...
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06-07-13 Social Madness Pic

When the CEO comes to your desk

I was sitting at my desk looking for an article that I recently saw about the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen for this… more...
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