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Grow your business without breaking the bank

Last week TDS business blogger Jody Glynn Patrick asked if the Better Business Bureau was still relevant. She concluded it was. Here’s a link to… more...
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Business presentations: 7 pro tips for success

Before I started my current business, I was a pursuit consultant in the sales, marketing & business development group at Deloitte. I coordinated proposal responses… more...
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05-30-13 Conquer your orange barrel fear

Conquer your orange barrel fear

They’re back! The feared orange construction barrels have risen from their wintery graves to haunt us on our daily commutes and leisurely shopping excursions or… more...
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Which social network is right for your business?

When it comes to social networks, one thing’s for sure—there are lots of choices. From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to the newbies, such as… more...
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