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TDS announces new CEO

At the end of 2017, TDS Telecom President and CEO Dave Wittwer will be retiring. Jim Butman, our current COO, will take over effective January 1, 2018.
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2017: The Year of Women on the Board?

Female business inclusion is a hot topic in 2017. Find out where some of the larger firms are at in the gender equity landscape!
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Well dressed businessman claiming to be the boss

How most CEOs really operate

A recent survey revealed what the head honcho of your company or organization is really like. Blogger and award winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick breaks down the surprising results in this post.
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Walking meetings: why they work

Need to get your creative juices flowing? Consider taking a walk. Blogger and award-winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick explains why.
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Why lime green is the new gold

Who's keeping secrets? Why is a particular fruit being sold on the black market? Who actually wants to see your selfies? Blogger and award winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick has the answer to all those questions in this post.
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When the CEO comes to your desk

I was sitting at my desk looking for an article that I recently saw about the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen for this… more...
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Four common (and sometimes fatal) mistakes CEOs make

The business consulting industry banks on CEOs worried about tripping up, and with so much that could go wrong at any moment in any company… more...
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Coffee Break with Dave

At TDS the employees often joke that our CEO Dave Wittwer could never pull off a performance on the hit reality TV show Undercover Boss…not… more...
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