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The Art of Change Management

Change is never easy, even when the goal holds the promise of greater benefits for every person involved. Facing a decision that likely will lead… more...
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Rechargeable batteries

Time to recharge?

Feeling drained? Blogger Jason Mueller tells you why a break may be what you need to get back on track.
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Challenge of change pt. 2

Blogger and CEO of the United Way of Dane County continues her step-by-step guide to organizational change.
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Challenge of change

Change isn't always easy. But sometimes it is necessary. Blogger and CEO of the United Way Dane County, Leslie Ann Howard, has a few suggestions that will make you organizational transition as easy as possible.
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Navigating the “new normal” for small business

Growing your small business requires a lot more than a strong sales team. Blogger and small business owner Jackie Nagel breaks down what she calls the "new normal" for small business owners.
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future and past

Change is good?

Ever heard the expression the only constant is change? Or some variation of that line? I would have to say I agree. I would also… more...
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