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Distracted from the mission

Sometimes our own beliefs and perceptions can distract from our main business objective: Serving our customers as best as we can. Blogger Jason Mueller talks about three distractions he's encountered during his professional career that have knocked organizations off track.
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4 Steps to Calming Angry Customers

No one ever wants to read anything negative about their business online. But it will happen and how you handle it will help determine if your business sinks or swims. One of our newest bloggers Lisa Karl offers four tips that will help you keep your customer happy and hopefully coming back.
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Will your retail business exist in the next five years?

Finding efficiencies in your store will allow you to spend more time working on your business not in your business. Blogger and entrepreneur Melody Campbell explains.
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Three important business resolutions for 2014

Before you pop the cork on that bottle of champagne and ring in the new year, maybe you should set some business resolutions for 2014.
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What does good customer service look like these days?

What goes into good customer service? Reward plans? Coupons? Early access to special savings? No, it's much simpler than that. Our newest blogger Brandon Lee explains.
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It’s not over until the customer says so

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source for learning.” Microsoft founder and multi-billionaire Bill Gates, is credited with this quote. If that’s the case… more...
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