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How to make the best (hard) decision

Being a business owner means all of the hard decisions fall to you. Blogger and award winning business journalist, Jody Glynn Patrick, outlines a decision making process to help you make the best hard decision.
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Making Decisions: When and how to move a team toward action

Many managers are far more adept at “making decisions” than they are at implementing change, and in fact, often confuse the two, thinking their managerial responsibility ends with making a statement of intent.
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Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

Three hard questions to answer before leaving

Every opportunity comes at the cost of your personal status-quo, and the comfort or discomfort attached to it. If you’re a risk-taker or a natural… more...
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Navigating the sea of ambiguity

Blogger Jason Mueller tells you why over analysis can be a bad thing.
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Navigating the “new normal” for small business

Growing your small business requires a lot more than a strong sales team. Blogger and small business owner Jackie Nagel breaks down what she calls the "new normal" for small business owners.
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