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10 commandments of kitchen etiquette in the workplace

Follow these commandments, and you'll be sure to keep your colleagues happy. As the new year approaches, it's time to consider how some old habits might be affecting those around you...
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Heavy breathing and other conference call faux pas

Ah, the art of the conference call. Seems simple, right? Dial in, listen up, and let the productivity flow. Wrong. Read more:
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Cell phone etiquette: are you courteous?

Americans spend about 90 minutes per day on their phone. Eh, an hour and a half? Not too bad, right? But that adds up to… more...
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Business etiquette around the globe

Working abroad is mind-opening and a wonderful way to experience different cultures. Blogger Stephanie Reed shares 4 tips for better international business relationships.
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4 Steps to Calming Angry Customers

No one ever wants to read anything negative about their business online. But it will happen and how you handle it will help determine if your business sinks or swims. One of our newest bloggers Lisa Karl offers four tips that will help you keep your customer happy and hopefully coming back.
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Tips for avoiding email miscommunication

Communicating by email is supposed to be easy and convenient. But sometimes our well intended messages are misunderstood, leading to friction and in some cases conflict. Blogger Dawn Mentzer tells you how to avoid some of those unpleasant situations by writing more clear and concise messages.
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Another meeting? Oh no!

While technology like TDS’ business hosted VoIP enables the remote worker revolution, there’s still a time and a place for in-person meetings. Unfortunately, it sometimes… more...
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