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Co-work Sites: Women entrepreneurs share space, costs, and inspiration

Co-working sites are on the rise in the United States. Have a read to find out what the benefits of a shared workspace can be!
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TDS helps make leaders with Toastmasters

Every Toastmaster’s journey starts with a single speech. That’s the message of Toastmasters International, a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills… more...
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The 10 most common “growing pains” of small business likely to leave a mark if unattended

Every business, no matter the industry, goes through growing pains. Blogger Jackie Nagel breaks down the 10 most common in this blog.
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Do You Want Free Advice about Growing your small business? Join TDS’s Twitter chat!

Need help growing your small biz but you don't know where to turn? Blogger Stephanie Reed tells you when and where you can talk to other successful small business owners about the problem's you're facing.
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How strategic thinking shapes the future of your business

Eighty-five percent of entrepreneurs spend an an hour or less a month thinking strategically. Blogger and business owner Jackie Nagel explains why entrepreneurs need to spend more time working on their business and less time working in their business.
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Career entrepreneurship

You may not own a franchise or a startup. But you are in charge of small business: Your career!
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Would you buy your business?

Is your business not growing? Are you wondering why? Are you thinking about calling it quits? Then it’s time to ask yourself, “Would I buy… more...
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