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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mohd Nor Azmil Abdul Rahman

When the weather outside is frightful….

Near record cool temperatures are expected to blanket a large portion of the country this week and businesses that rely on warm weather could be hurt. Blogger and award winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick tells you why having a disaster plan in place is so important.
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My business fell down and it can’t get up! Disaster preparedness planning

Ever heard the expression, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst"? Blogger Laura Schmitz breaks down what you should include in your disaster preparedness plan.
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Photo courtesy of Dave Jenness

Winter weather tests Technical Response Teams

Mountains of snow and sub zero crippled much of the country this past week. For some TDS Technicians they've been dealing with these types of conditions for weeks. Blogger DeAnne Boegli shares their story and pictures in this blog.
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