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Shot of a young man and woman using a digital tablet together while working in a coffee shop

Earn $500 with TDS’ Business Referral Program

Pens, water bottles, coffee cups, and clothing items are some of the most popular corporate gifts, but wouldn’t it be nice to earn up to… more...
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Refer a business, earn some $$

We want your help to reel in more businesses like you. Click here to the get the rest of the details!
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Six steps to a better business atmosphere

A theme, a playlist packed with your favorite music, and a staff that's ready to please. All of these can have a big impact on your business and ultimately your customers.
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Customer Appreciation, keeping gratitude at the heart of the biz

At times I feel like the term “customer appreciation” has come to be synonymous with rewards programs, loyalty incentives, and flashy gimmicks. To me this… more...
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