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Business metrics that matter

There are countless metrics a small business owner can look at it to help make wise decisions about the future of their business. CEO of Learning Meets Quality LLC, and blogger Rick Swanson tells you why trying to look at all of them may do more harm than good.
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Managing your business during lean times

Despite your efforts business just slows down at times. Blogger and CEO of Learning Meets Quality LLC, Rick Swanson, has some ideas for what you should be doing during the lean times.
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Reducing the risk of creating dissatisfied customers

It's cheaper to keep customers happy than it is to fight for the loyalty of a dissatisfied customer. Blogger Rick Swanson explains.
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Talent management is risk management

Risk management may not be in the job description of any human resource managers or organizational development specialist. But blogger and risk management expert Rick Swanson says that's exactly what they are.
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Leveraging unused – or underused – assets

Thinking about dumping your business' old training materials for employees? Don't do anything until you read this post from our newest blogger Rick Swanson. Those old manuals and videos may still have some use.
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