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The primary goal of marketing

What's the real reason you market your business? Marketing guru and blogger Brad Miller reveals the answer in this blog.
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Navigating the “new normal” for small business

Growing your small business requires a lot more than a strong sales team. Blogger and small business owner Jackie Nagel breaks down what she calls the "new normal" for small business owners.
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Time to light a fire with your marketing strategy

Questioning why your business is spending so much money on marketing? Blogger Brad Miller reminds you why marketing is important to your bottom line.
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Are you asking questions?

Blogger and sales professional Charles Borrell tells you why it's important to listen twice as much as you talk if you hope to close the sale.
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What I learned from the worst sales experience of my life

Something good can come from something bad. Blogger and social media/public relations specialist Stephanie Reed talks about what she learned from a pair of pushy sales people who showed up at her door.
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Employee Appreciation Day

It's never too late to show your employees you appreciate their efforts. Blogger Naomi Shaw has some gift ideas for everyone on your team.
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Presenter’s paradox: Why “a little more” is TMI

You may think you're building value by offering freebies but, in reality all you're doing is cheapening your brand.
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What business are you in?

Are your sales promotions missing the mark? Blogger Jason Mueller tells you what may be wrong and offers a few tips to get you back on track.
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The cure for “cold call reluctance”

Blogger Jody Glynn Patrick has the cure for "cold call reluctance." Here's a hint: It's NOT more cowbell!
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