16 tips for winning sales

Are you looking for new ways to increase sales? Or, maybe you’re looking for a different approach to win over prospects.

You’re not alone.

Recently, several account executives from TDS sister company OneNeck IT Solutions shared their successes for increasing sales and landing new clients. Here are 16 sales tips gleaned from a conversation with several of those account execs:

  1. Network to reach potential clients.
  2. Never eat lunch alone.
  3. Build your relationship with existing clients.
  4. Remember your low-touch customers, their needs may have evolved.
  5. Meet with someone who is a decision-maker, such as an executive, or better yet, the CEO.
  6. Understand the prospect’s business.
  7. Make sure your current clients fully understand your services.
  8. Identify all the products your prospect will benefit from.
  9. Leverage your success with a current customer to show a prospect your capabilities.
  10. Be thorough enough to answer the prospect’s questions, but stay in the conversation.
  11. Align customized packages with competitive pricing, but be sure to deliver the best solution for the best price.
  12. Sell as a team. Reach out to members on your team – from executives to fellow account executives – for help.
  13. Earn the client’s business.
  14. Get in front of any problems or concern.
  15. Leave your new client confident in their decision.
  16. Be there for your client long-term.

What’s your key to successfully closing a sale? What’s the best sales tip that you’ve ever received? Which of these tips have you used successfully? Share with us what works for you!

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