2017’s six best business blogs (so far)

There’s no trophy or awards banquet for making it on my list of the best blogs, at least not for the writers. However, for you, readers, there are definite gains for reading these thought-provoking business blogs. I previewed over 200 jewels to find the true diamonds – the writings that could inspire you to change how you do business or how you invest your time and talent as an employee. Here are the top six, spread across several business interests:

Want to Kill Your Performance Rankings? Here’s How to Ensure Success by David Rock and Beth Jones. This data and survey-backed article on how and why to drop the annual performance rating with the least amount of fallout and most amount of guidance will cause you to re-think how you measure success. Here’s how to use performance conversations to inspire success rather than squelch it.

SheEO Has a Plan to Build a $1 Billion Fund for Female Founders by Emma Hinchliffe. The standout quote from Vicki Saunders, founder of the group investing platform SheEO: “I don’t want to put my capital into the same old dumb apps that don’t do anything in the world.” What the group plans to do, and to fund, and why, is shared in this must-read for female entrepreneurs looking for venture capital. (The runner up in this category was 5 Things Women Can Do to Become CEO of a Company by Jen Wieczner.)

Mind the Workplace, the 2017 findings of the study conducted by Mental Health America (MHA), (formerly the National Mental Health Association) and funded by the FAAS Foundation. It explored employee engagement and reasons for employee disengagement. You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge, and low morale is a pervasive threat to U.S. company performance. Here’s why.

Financial Ratios Are How You Know if What You’re Doing is Working by Mike Kappel. This article is particularly helpful to small business owners or managers. Kappel details what questions to ask your financial planner or bookkeeper, with an explanation of what data you want collected and why. It also would be helpful information from a business during a due diligence period, usually collected prior to an acquisition or merger.

The Secret Sauce of a Successful Email Campaign: Personalization with Dynamic Content by Aarzu Khan. This is a treat for marketers. Khan researched the numbers and then offers stand-out advice on how to put the metrics to work for you to bolster results from email business marketing.

The Challenge of Frustration by Steve Keating. Lots of readers won’t like this one, I’d wager, because Keating challenges the idea of leadership wherein one earns credit, and already has the title and the authority to make change. Instead, he focuses on servant leadership and the ability to “lead up” when one’s titled leader isn’t, after all, equipped to lead. It’s a mindset that runs counter to ego, and therefore, it’s refreshing to read and consider.

As we go into the winter months, I’ll continue to make some reading suggestions to shine a little light on emerging business thoughts and practices. And suggestions are always welcome!

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