3 keys to building a successful business


Most people get excited about having their own business and desperately want to be successful. Unfortunately, more businesses fail than succeed. So, what separates a successful business from an unsuccessful one? The differences are very minor. With a few tweaks your business could go from failure to fortune in no time. I believe there are three major keys to business success. They are: Pay attention, get excited and never quit.

  1. Pay attention
    There are lots of things you can pay attention to like market trends, customer service and content marketing. But, what I propose is paying attention to the people who have what you want. You should pick one of them and try to emulate what they do. Some of you may not be in total agreement with this idea and probably have examples of people who tried to follow in someone else’s footsteps and came up a little short. I’m talking in a more general sense. Almost all successful people have the same overall philosophies. They just apply it in different fields.

  3. Get excited
    Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. Your attitude determines your altitude. If you aren’t excited about your business or your product(s) no one else will be either. Excitement attracts people. I think you should be at least 10 percent more excited than you normally are when talking to people about your business. This will create curiosity and that’s what moves people to action.

  5. Never quit
    I know what you’re thinking. This comes off a little cliché. Many of my mentors and successful business owners I know have been on the verge of throwing in the towel. Not just once, but multiple times. Instead of throwing their hands in the air and walking away they pushed forward. More time than not, shortly after that breakdown came a breakthrough. The world has a funny way of rewarding those who are simply persistent enough to overcome whatever obstacle is thrown at them.
    A good way to look at each failure is to focus on what lesson you can learn. Problems are just another opportunity for growth.

These three keys have helped me build a successful business. If you take them to heart, I believe you can succeed in business as well. The next the time you’re unhappy with your results, just remember, pay attention, get excited, and never quit!

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