3 things that separate the successful from the unsuccessful

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Successful people have 24 hours in a day. So do people who are unsuccessful. So what separates the two?

  1. Focus
    I’ve found successful people focus on seeing the opportunity in every difficult situation. Unsuccessful people focus on the obstacles within every difficult situation they face.

  2. Perception
    Unsuccessful people see a problem as “just another thing that went wrong in my life.” They feel the world is against them and play the role of the victim. Successful people however look at a problem as an opportunity for growth. They see problems as a chance to grow and a challenge to overcome.

    Successful people look at a problem as a learning opportunity. They try to improve their skills or character and take something away from whatever less than ideal situation comes their way.

  3. Short-term vs. long-term
    Improving yourself takes time. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending a seminar, taking a course or participating is some type of self-guided study. Unsuccessful people think about the cost of the course, how much time going to that training will cost them, or the social event they’ll miss by attending. Unsuccessful people focus on the short term when an opportunity is in front of them. They look at the cost of something rather than the potential benefits.

    Successful people look past the short term sacrifice think about the long term gain. They see a course and think about the value it could add to their business or life. They think about the new skills they could learn by attending a course. They see how learning from someone who has achieved what they want, even if it costs more than they’re comfortable spending, will far outweigh the cost to attend such an event.

I guarantee if you try to find the opportunity in every challenge you will find success in your personal and professional lives. Focus on growing and bettering yourself by learning something from each setback or mistake and you will set yourself apart from the pack. It might not happen overnight but you will be successful. It’s only a matter of time until you get to where you’d like to be.

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